SoftStart Home and Limited/Backup Power

On Limited Electric Power, SoftStart Home Delivers Full A/C or Heat Pump Power

SoftStart Home™ high-performance soft starter turns on central A/Cs and heat pumps with less power and less noise – and when paired with home solar energy system or a backup generator, helps A/Cs run while freeing up electrical power for other appliances

When extreme weather hits and the power goes out, the last thing anyone needs is for a backup generator, a solar energy system, or other backup power source to quit unexpectedly.

Most times when a backup generator stops, it’s because a vital appliance such as a central air conditioner or heat pump tries to start and trips the backup generator’s circuit breaker. The HVAC startup power required more amps than the generator had available while running other electrical devices. 

To prevent unexpected backup power shutdowns due to high-demand A/C or heat pump startups, SoftStartUSA offers the SoftStart Home™ High-Performance Soft Starter. When connected to a central air conditioner or heat pump, the SoftStart Home device can cut the inrush current by up to 70%. This helps prevent a backup generator, a solar energy system or other limited power source from shutting down at A/C and heat pump startup.

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How SoftStart Home™ Soft Starter Works

When a central air conditioner or heat pump starts, it can require 7 to 8 times the amount of electricity compared to when it is normally running. SoftStart Home connects directly to an air conditioning appliance to help “throttle back” the startup power to only 2-3 times the standard running power. By reducing the initial inrush by up to 70%, the A/C or heat pump startup does not impact the power draw enough to stall the overall backup system.

The SoftStart Home soft starter easily connects to most brands of central air conditioners and heat pumps. It is rated for 6-ton/72,000 BTU air conditioners with 115-230VAC single-phase motors, and so will work with most residential and business central A/C units.

Power Up More Appliances During Emergencies

From backup electrical power sources such as 2200-watt and larger generators or solar-powered, a SoftStart Home soft starter allows homeowners to run A/C and heat pumps more effectively by greatly limiting startup power. Especially in emergency situations, this frees up power for other vital appliances. Necessities such as refrigerator/freezers, sump pumps, medical equipment and other devices will continue running because of SoftStart Home’s startup-managing ability. Water heaters, coffeemakers, lights, hair dryers and entertainment centers will keep running as long as the “running” power of all the appliances does not exceed the amount of electricity produced by the backup power source.

Learn More About SoftStart Home Startup Technology

To learn more about SoftStart Home products and how they can improve energy use and help keep homes comfortable in most any situation, please go to SoftStart Home™ is a product of SoftStartUSA, an industry leader in home and RV power management products.

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