SoftStart Home- The Best A/C Soft Starter For Residential Central Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

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A SoftStart Home soft starter will drastically improve the operation of your A/C or heat pump.

How exactly does it do that? The SoftStart Home reduces A/C and heat pump startup demand by up to 70%!

Without that initial jolt, your central A/C unit or heat pump will minimize any knocking or shuddering on every startIt will start quietly, and keep you at the temperature you want – day and night.

A SoftStart Home soft starter on a central air conditioner/heat pump lets you stay comfortable by allowing the A/C and heat pump to run when using backup power. How? SoftStart Home reduces A/C and heat pump startup demand by up to 70%! It won’t MAKE power, but it allows you to START and RUN your cooling or heating with a small generator or battery backup power. SoftStart Home™ lets you: – Keep cool or warm with A/C or heat pump – Run the refrigerator, freezer, well pump, lights and other vital devices – Live safely and comfortably until the main power is restored
  • Quiet A/C Startup – Comfort Day and Night.
  • Protects Against Compressor Wear and Tear.
  • Starts A/C or Heat Pump On Generator During Power Outage.
  • For 115V-230V A/Cs and Heat Pumps; Up To 6-Ton Compressors; 72,000 BTUs.
Every SoftStart Home™ Comes With:
  • Free Technical Support.
  • FREE Installation Kit, Terminal Connectors, Screws etc.
  • FREE 3-Year Warranty (Requires Registration).
  • FREE Shipping On All Orders To USA (UPS) and Canada (DHL).

Start Your Home A/C With SoftStart Home 6-Ton Soft Starter, With FREE Install Kit

  • No More Flickering House Lights When Your A/C Starts
  • Get A Restful Night’s Sleep – No More Thumping In The Night As Your A/C Kicks In
  • Easily Starts Your A/C During Power Emergencies with Generator or Solar Back-up Power
  • Prolongs the Life Of Your A/C Compressor
  • Easy Install With Our “White Gloves Phone Support”
  • Standard 1-Year Warranty; 3-Year Warranty (available with registration)
  • 115V to 230V, Up to 6-Ton Compressors (72,000 BTUs)
  • FREE Installation Kit, Terminal Connectors, Screws etc.

Easy To Install



Find a good spot under the cover of the central A/C unit. The SoftStart Home unit should be vertically installed securely on a panel with wires at the bottom.



Each SoftStart Home unit comes complete with
hardware fasteners, and is also equipped with a heavy-duty adhesive bonding pad to mount to most any type of surface.



Get wiring diagrams at:

Easily Installs Under A/C
Covers (Location depends on A/C or heat pump design. Size of SoftStart Home unit not shown to scale.)

Technical Specifications – SoftStart Home A/C Starter

  • Model number: SSHM6T
  • Nominal working voltage: 110VAC (90~135VAC) & 220VAC (187~266VAC), 1 phase
  • Power consumption: Less than 3W
  • Maximum continuous working voltage: 135VAC/266VAC
  • Maximum continuous working current: 42A Over current limit: 50A/1 minute
  • Maximum non-repetitive inrush current: 200A (<20 ms)
  • Maximum surge current: 130A (<350 ms) Soft start-up time: 1±0.5s
  • Current consumption: 48mA (capacitive 110VAC, 220VAC)
  • Operation hours: More than 45,000 hours (rated working temperature)
  • Effective soft start on/off service: >100,000 times (soft-start interval not less than 3 minutes)
  • Insulation resistance between housing and chassis: > 300 MΩ Withstand voltage between housing and chassis: >3000VAC in 1 minute
  • Shock resistance: More than 200m/s2 and 11ms
  • Anti-vibration: 10~55mm (double amplitude, 1.5mm)
  • Protection restart time interval: 3 minutes
  • Working temperature: -40ºF to 185ºF (-40ºC to 85ºC)
  • Working humidity: 0~95% RH
  • Dimensions: 7.72 x 3.54 x 2.60 in. (196 mm × 90 mm × 66 mm)
  • Weight: 1 lb.13 oz. (0.82 kg)
  • Warranty: One-year limited warranty (standard); Two-year limited warranty (when registered)


Complete Product Includes:

1. Model SSHM6T air conditioner soft starter with wiring (5 wires)
2. Instruction guide
3. Complete accessory kit:
– Wiring connectors
– Zip ties
– Hardware fasteners


Link to download specifications document

Don’t Want To Install The SoftStart Home Yourself?

No Problem. Have a Pro do it for you.
Simply add Concierge Service to your order.

Here are the steps involved.

Step 1:
– Add the SoftStart Concierge service to your order. You’ll need to add 1 SoftStart Concierge order per soft start in your order. We’ll contact you within 1 business day to schedule your installation.

Step 2:
– On the call, we’ll figure out the most convenient time and date for one of our local, pre-screened professionals to install your soft start product per our exact guidelines.

Step 3:
– The installation can take place wherever you designate, or at a local RV dealer outlet, if appropriate.

We handle payments to the installer to ensure you are 100% satisfied that your soft start unit works perfectly.

All you do is…

– Give SoftStart Home product to the installer when they arrive at your location.
– Test the product to assure it works and is operating as expected after the installation.
– Relax and enjoy the cool (or warm) comfort of your home.

Read What Our Customers Are Saying!

Derek M. (California)

HVAC Contractor

I have put a few soft starts in before for customers who
have generator applications, but I just put this on my own home AC unit, and I am experiencing a quieter unit and seeing a monthly reduction on my utility bill every month during peak use. Incredible product!

Jeremiah F.

Maryland Homeowner

I have a 4-ton Amana and as our unit is getting older, it has gotten a lot louder. It’s right outside our kitchen window and next to our patio where we entertain. We’re so happy to have the SoftStart Home installed because it made our unit instantly quieter. We also have solar and are considering adding batteries, so our unit is now prepared for that as well.”

Kent H. (Texas)


I have a 3-ton Lennox AC that I installed the SoftStart
Home on. It was a quick installation, super easy to follow
the instructions, looks nice and clean, and I couldn’t be happier

Mike Sokol

Electrical Engineer

By cutting the start-up amperage draw so drastically, you’ll notice…

  • Your A/C or heat pump starts and runs quietly, day or night.
  • No jarring thump or flickering lights when the A/C or heat pump starts.
  • The low-amperage start-up will extend your compressor’s life.
  • And no more low-power start-up problems during brown-outs, black-outs or emergencies by using a generator or battery backup.