SoftStart Home and Electric Utility Power Grids

How Improving Your Home’s A/C Startup Can Help Your Electric Power Grid

SoftStart Home™ high-performance soft starter turns on central A/Cs and heat pumps with less power and less noise – and when paired with home solar energy system or a backup generator, helps A/Cs run while freeing up electrical power for other appliances

Sitting outside your home is a central air conditioner or heat pump. The comfortable air it produces greatly affects the health and well-being of the people inside your home: that much is easy to see. 

But did you know that your A/C or heat pump – and millions more just like it – ALSO greatly affects the health and well-being of the regional electric utility grid that it’s connected to?


Depending on where you live, the HVAC system can account for about 45-50% of the total monthly electric bill. In regions that are especially hot or cold year-round, that percentage climbs to near 70%! So it’s conceivable that meeting cooling and heating needs composes the majority of the work of America’s electric power grids. And by virtue of that, it’s also conceivable that anything homeowners can do to lower the electricity required for their HVAC systems will, in turn, lower the stress on a regional power provider.

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By Cutting A/C Startup Power By Up To 70%, SoftStart Home™ Soft Starters Ease Power Grid Stress

In metered tests and homeowner installations, SoftStart Home soft starters have proven to cut A/C and heat pump startup power by up to 70%. For the homeowner, the most immediate result is a smoother startup without a sudden noise or shudder, no flickering household lights, and no sudden burst of excessive heat which can shorten the life of the A/C or heat pump.Because SoftStart Home reduces kilowatt-hour usage by the A/C or heat pump, it also helps keep overall peak consumption down so that other household appliances are not affected by startup. In regional areas where “peak demand charge” billing practices apply, it can help control these charges that are essentially higher electrical rates at certain parts of the day when demand is high across a region’s utility grid.

If you take the startup energy savings of one home using a SoftStart Home device and multiply that across hundreds or thousands of homes on a regional utility grid, you can quickly picture the huge reduction in overall peak demand for the power grid. With today’s aging power grids in combination with residential growth, anything that can be done to ease the demand on a grid and reduce load problems will work in favor of everyone that is connected to the grid. 

In addition, as the Department of Energy steps up efforts to educate the HVAC industry and the public regarding what is necessary, not just expected, to maximize power efficiency, energy-efficient solutions such as SoftStart Home products will become increasingly beneficial to millions of current A/C and heat pump users, as well as to their utility service providers.

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