SoftStart Home Potential Energy Savings Report – Part 2

SoftStart Home Potential Energy Savings Report – Part 2

By Mike Sokol from

Thanks for joining us in part 2 of this article series. Picking up where we left off, let’s talk about…

Indirect Energy Savings

If a consumer needs to occasionally power their house during an electrical outage from a portable generator, bi-directional charging EV truck or solar Powerwall, then SoftStart Home can provide additional Indirect energy savings. That’s because by reducing the compressor inrush current it enables the consumer to use a heat-pump in their house instead of portable electric space heaters or electric baseboard heating. And according to the EPA, a heat pump can reduce energy heating costs by as much as 50% to 70% compared to resistance heating.

The reduced starting inrush current from SoftStart Home will allow a home owner to run a Central Air Conditioner and/or Heat Pump from a smaller 120/240-volt, 7,000-watt Inverter Generator or PowerWall inverter system.

That’s difficult to accomplish with a 7kW class inverter generator and the stock starting capacitor. Typically, an air conditioner or heat pump using a stock starting capacitor on a 2 to 4-ton compressor would require a larger 10kW to 12kW, constant RPM generator, which uses much more fuel to operate as well as being much more noisy in the neighborhood. 

There are also Dual-Fuel inverter generators available such as this DuroMax XP9000iH that can use either gasoline or propane, thereby increasing the refueling possibilities. This style of generator not only drops the engine down to idle speed at times of low power usage, it’s also enclosed in an acoustic baffle to reduce engine noise while running. This is an advantage in a neighborhood power outage where you might not want to advertise that you have a generator.

Basically, the SoftStart Home unit will reduce compressor inrush current by as much as 80%, so that instead of a noisy 12kW generator that uses a lot of gasoline to run at a constant speed in order to maintain a 60 Hz output, a consumer can provide emergency backup power to their home during an electrical outage with a 7kW inverter generator that has much lower fuel consumption.

This is especially important during the winter months where in recent years the electric power grid has been disrupted for a week or more at a time, with thousands of people put at risk due to a lack of electricity for heating.

Energy Saving Estimates

The actual energy savings due to heat pump usage rather than resistance heating is a linear function. So, if a consumer in Maryland with an electric power rate of 16 cents per kWh used 200kWh of energy in a month for resistance heating, that would cost $320 per month of electrical energy to operate. The same house using a heat pump could use only 100kWh or less of electricity to provide heat, which would cost only $160 per month. And, of course, the ability to heat the house with a heat pump during an energy blackout using an affordable dual/fuel generator could save lives, and would essentially be priceless. 

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