Paid for itself within two months!

“The SoftStartHome has paid for itself within two months by how much it has decreased our electric bill!

– Kari Croft – SoftStartHome Customer

     Kari Croft has been a Florida resident for the better part of her life. She has been a homeowner in Florida for over 30 years and she knows the costs of running A/C in her house like nothing else. She also knows the absolute pain of having an A/C unit break on you during a classic hot & sticky Florida summer night. She was originally interested in getting the SoftStartHome so that it would extend the life of her A/C unit.

     Once her technician installed the SoftStartHome on both her A/C Units, they were able to conduct a test to see the difference in the in-rush amps. Her newer unit went from 118 amps to under 19 amps. That’s a one hundred amp difference! The older unit went from 68 amps to 27 amps, which is a decrease by 50%. She has been so surprised and impressed with the savings they’ve already seen!