Plug & Play Soft Starter for RVs, With Built-In Power Surge Protector

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS  (Also found in the product box)

Thank you for choosing the SoftStartUp Soft Starter. These directions will help you get the most out of your new unit.


SoftStartUp is simple to use. It operates on a 30-amp power source. For a typical RVer, that is a campground pedestal or a generator/inverter. Red and green lights on the male plug indicate the power status. A green light indicates proper power to the unit. Red and green lights together indicate reversed polarity, so you should locate another power source.

Easy To Install


Green light indicates power supply is safe.


Immediately run more appliances and protect against power surges.


SoftStartUp diagnostic circuitry protects electrical system by automatically checking for proper wiring.

Power On, Correct Wiring
Hot/Neutral Reversed
Hot/Ground Reversed


After 45-60 seconds, the green Output LED will indicate when there is “live” power for the RV.
NOTE: Some SoftStartUp units may not include a green Output LED.

Tips For most efficient operation

  1. Use the SoftStartUp continuously whenever possible. It monitors the power source and disables the output to prevent damage to electronic devices if the source power surges – or drops – dramatically. The built-in surge protection will absorb voltage spikes that can occur in power lines.
  2. The SoftStartUp soft starter helps any A/C compressor start. Typically, a rooftop A/C requires up to 50 to 70 amps just to start up. After a couple of seconds, it settles back to run at about 10 to 13 amps. These high starting amps are why it is difficult to start a typical A/C on low power.
  3. SoftStartUp reduces start-up amps from up to 70 amps to just 35 to 40 amps (about a 50% reduction). After the A/C has started, SoftStartUp monitors the electric current. It does NOT add to the running amps of the A/C. That additional power must come from the generator, pedestal or power source.
  4. A/C running amps are typically 12 to 13 amps. If you operate more than one A/C, you need a generator that is capable of higher running amps. The SoftStartUp may START all your
    A/Cs, but if the draw on your generator is greater than the generator or pedestal is capable of producing (12-13 running amps per A/C), then the A/C may briefly start and then cut out. This is not the fault of the SoftStartUp – it is doing its job. 
  5. If you use a Honda 2200-watt generator, it may have a 30-amp power outlet built in. A SoftStartUp should start one A/C while other electrical appliances continue to operate.
  6. If connected to a residential outlet with the plug-in adapter, a SoftStartUp should allow you to start and run one A/C.


The SoftStartUp Mobile App allows the RV owner to monitor
electrical power usage. Because it shows both “real time” and total usage, this app helps the RV owner not only monitor how much power is being used, it can also help determine if any specific appliance may be causing interrupted power issues. The app measures:

  • Current (Amps)
  • Voltage (Volts)
  • Resettable Energy (kW/h)
  • Nonresettable Energy (kW/h)

If an RV owner wants to compare power use at different locations, the Resettable Energy function lets the RVer record the power used at one location before resetting the SoftStartUp to use at the next location.

The SoftStartUp Mobile App is Bluetooth®-enabled and is available in popular app stores for Android and iOS devices.



If cleaning is required, unplug the SoftStartUp from the power source. Use a dry cloth to wipe the unit housing and cables. Dry completely before plugging back in.

Do not place the SoftStartUp near heat sources such as stoves, grills or open fires.

This unit should be plugged DIRECTLY into the power source. Only use extension cords FROM the RV to the SoftStartUp, NOT from the SoftStartUp to the power source. Plug the SoftStartUp unit directly into the power source. This way, it can better monitor any surge in electrical current.

The SoftStartUp should be repaired or replaced if any of the following has occurred:

Power plugs have been damaged.

It does not appear to operate normally.

The outer housing has been damaged or is broken.

To avoid risk of electric shock or fire, do not attempt to open or alter the unit in any way.

No user serviceable parts are inside this unit.

If you need to contact Technical Support, go to:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I know if the SoftStartUp unit is working?
  2. The green light on the plug is glowing. That indicates power is going through the unit. Turn on the A/C and it should start.
  3. What voltage does it work on?
  4. 110 volts AC.
  5. What is the amperage?
  6. 30 amps
  7. How many A/Cs can a SoftStartUp operate?
  8. It depends on your generator or pedestal power. It may START up to two A/Cs but one or both of them may cut out after starting due to the amps needed to keep both A/Cs running. Typically, 10-13 amps is required to run each A/C.
  9. Will a SoftStartUp work on household power?
  10. Yes. It also depends on how many A/C units you run at one time. The RUNNING amps are the determining factor. The SoftStartUp will start the A/C units. One or more may A/C unit may stop due to insufficient running amps. Two A/Cs should operate with typical household power. Use a 15-amp adapter plug.
  11. Is the SoftStartUp covered under Warranty?
  12. Yes, for one year. For an additional year (free), register at:
  13. What appliances can I run simultaneously?
  14. To calculate the RV appliances you want to run on a generator, power pedestal or other power source: Amps x Volts = Watts

The following chart (at right) is a guide. Each appliance brand may be different. Review individual appliance data for exact amps/watts.


AMPS (approx.)


A/C Compressor

8.5 to 11

980 to 1300*

A/C Fan

2 to 3.5

230 to 400*


5 to 7

575 to 800*


4 to 12

460 to 1400*

Water Heater

9 to 13

1000 to 1500*


6 to 10.5

700 to 1200*

Hair Dryer

13 to 17

1500 to 2000*

Microwave Oven

5 to 10.5

600 to 1200*

TV (50”)

1 to 2

113 to 200*


5 to 6

300 to 400*

Coffee Maker

5 to 8

300 to 600*

Laptop Computer

2 to 3

230 to 350*

* Review the Amps/Watts you have available vs. the Amps/Watts of the appliances you want to operate (e.g. If the A/C compressor is running 1300 watts and you have a 2200-watt generator that RUNS at 1900 watts, then you only have 600 watts available (with your A/C consuming 1300 watts).


A 2200-watt generator normally provides about 1900 running watts.

Heat increases the amps/watts of some appliances and decreases the performance of your generator.

Extension cord length and wire size affect the amps/watts: shorter cords and larger wire sizes are better.

Altitude decreases generator efficiency by an estimated 3.5% per 1000 ft.

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