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Start Home A/Cs With Less Power – Even With Solar and Batteries, or a Small Generator!

  • Quiet A/C Startup – Comfort Day and Night
  • Protects Against Compressor Wear and Tear
  • Starts A/C or Heat Pump On Generator During Power Outage
  • For 115V-220V A/Cs and Heat Pumps; Up To 3-Ton Compressors; 36,000 BTUs

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Eliminate low-power for 

Single RV A/C

This product will eliminate low-power RV A/C start problems for any single RV AC unit.

  • Start your A/C on a 30-amp hookup or small generator.
  • Start an RV A/C on low power. Boon-docking or mooch-docking.
  • Specially designed, engineered and tested for most RVs.
  • Our Live Tech support will walk you through every step in connecting your A/C to your SoftStartRV.

Eliminate low-power for 

Home A/C & Heat Pump

This home-use Soft Starter will start your central A/C or Heat Pump with less power – even with a small generator.

  • This 6-ton Softstarter starts a home’s central A/C unit or Heat Pump on a medium to small generator that puts out 25 amps or more.
  • No flickering lights when the A/C or Heat Pump starts.
  • Get a restful nights sleep – no more thumping when the unit turns on at night.
  • This device prolongs the life of your compressor.
  • Our Live Tech support will walk you through every step in connecting your A/C or Heat Pump.

“I have put a few soft starts in before for customers who

have generator applications, but I just put this on my own home AC unit, and I am experiencing a quieter unit and seeing a monthly reduction on my utility bill every month during peak use. Incredible product!”

Derek M. (California) HVAC Contractor 

“I have a 3-ton Lennox AC that I installed the SoftStart

Home on. It was a quick installation, super easy to follow

the instructions, looks nice and clean, and I couldn’t be happier”

Kent H. (Texas) Homeowner

“I have a 4-ton Amana and as our unit is getting older,

it has gotten a lot louder. It’s right outside our kitchen

window and next to our patio where we entertain. We’re so happy to have the SoftStart Home installed because it made our unit instantly quieter. We also have solar and are considering adding batteries, so our unit is now prepared for that as well.”

Jeremiah F. (Maryland) Homeowner

Features & Benefits

Start Your Home A/C With SoftStart Home 6-Ton Soft Starter, With FREE Install Kit

Quiet A/C Startup – Extends Compressor Life

  • Custom developed for home use, the SoftStart Home 6-Ton SoftStarter can start a home A/C on a medium to small generator that puts out about 25 Amps or more.
  • A Typical Home A/C cannot start on a medium or small generator as it need 60 to 75 Amps just to start.
  • Then after starting it settles down to run at 12 to 15 amps.
  • With our SoftStart Home 6-Ton Product, you cut down the starting amps your A/C requires as much as 70%!
  • So now you need 70% less power to start your A/C.
  • This is the solution to power up your A/C when it otherwise would not start.
  • Use it to fire up other devices too that need a big surge to start.
  • Emergency power solutions on a small to medium generator are now possible with the SoftStart Home 3-ton Product.
  • Works with 110 volt to 220 volt compressors/motors, up to a 36,000 BTU A/C.
  • Weatherproof, it easily mounts inside the compressor housing.
  • Wire it yourself with our free telephone tech support, or your regular A/C technician can install it in about 30 min.
  • Comes with a 3-Year Free Extended Warranty With Registration.

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